Anastasiya was born in a medium-sized European country called Belarus. She came to the United States when she was 19. Being 1,5 years in America, she lived in different houses with landlords. Those people were nice but she dreamt about moving out and living in her own house.

Anastasiya knew that having her land and a beautiful house on it is not only her dream. It's most people's American dream. That's how Anastasiya decided to be a real estate broker. After all, only a realtor can help first-time home buyers to purchase a house of their dreams.

Anastasia didn’t think for a long time. She finished HPW real estate school, passed her exams, and started working at KW Realty. Then she joined Team Ruby Henderson.

Calmness and approachability help Anastasiya to succeed in everything that her clients want and need. She also dares to take responsibility and bring the matter to an end. That is why, Anastasiya promises to do everything possible and even impossible so that you, my reader, are happy with the sale or purchase of your house. Anastasiya is an altruist who wants to help everybody who needs her help. Also, Anastasiya knows that people are coming back only if they are satisfied with the service provided to them.

Anastasiya and her husband have been living in Raleigh, North Carolina for almost 3 years. For this time, they have never regretted choosing their place of residency. Raleigh became their home. That's why she wants her home to be your home. Anastasiya has 2 mottos in her life: “The future is acquired in the present.” and “Towards your dream house!”. Although Anastasiya's husband prefers to keep it simple: “Set your roots in NC”.